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Rove dog food combines the best of nature and science to bring you the premium, natural diet that dogs were designed to thrive on.

"Feeding dogs appropriately means meeting their nutritional requirements using raw materials that closely match those they have evolved to eat. Rove slowly air dries food at low temperatures, preserving the essential nutrients including all the omega 6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals they need for vitality and wellbeing"

- Registered Animal Nutritionist

Sustainably sourced

Our meat is sustainably sourced and traceable back to New Zealand family farmers

Sustainably sourced

Best ingredients selected

We carefully select the best ingredients based on the raw food diet our pets’ ancestors thrived on.

Best ingredients selected

Slowly air-dried in small batches

Our air-flow dehydration process slowly protects and retains the natural nutrients of our premium ingredients

Slowly air-dried in small batches

For your convenience

Crafting the perfect air-dried food that is easy to store, handle, serve and enjoy

For your convenience

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Premium natural ingredients from beautiful New Zealand


Highly digestible, backed by science


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